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Get Ready for Summer Checklist

Can you believe summer is 3 months away?

If you are the type of person that loves checklists, I’ve got something that may help you get your health and fitness “summer ready.”

If you are looking to drop a few pounds and/or tone up before it is bathing suit, shorts and tank top season, these next 3 months are the time to start really thinking about your fitness routine and eating habits.

Don’t wait until the week or month before vacation to try to eat better and lose some weight.

Start now and ease into it.

This guide is broken into 2 categories: fitness and nutrition.

And it will help you know what to focus on three months out, one month out and one week out from summer or vacation or any big event.

🚀 Your goal now (3 months out) is to make fitness and movement a priority and start with small diet changes.

🚀 Your focus one month out will ramp up the intensity of the fitness and frequency of movement and build on better diet habits.

🚀 One week out actually is more about keeping up with your routine and a few small tweaks.

And this is the foundation to continue your exercise and healthy eating habits for the rest of your life… not just when we are getting ready for summer or a big event. ;)

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