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Day 1: Setting Big Goals That Matters To You!

DAY 1: Setting Big Goals That Matter To You

Create a list of goals you want to accomplish next year.

Think BIG.

Think about something that seems impossible.

Maybe it seems impossible because you have failed in the past or because you just don’t know what steps to take in order to reach it.

If you know exactly how to reach your goals, you aren’t making big enough goals.

If you do NOT know how you will achieve your goal yet, it means it is scary - and the unknown scares us more than anything!

If we want our lives to look different than they are now, we must make big, scary, impossible goals.

Once you set your goals - and you can have as many as you like...

Ask yourself WHY these goals are important to you.

Get real with why you want your goals to happen and connect them to what really matters to


If you are having trouble with your why… try asking yourself why 5 times.

For example, I want to lose weight.


I want to fit into my clothes again and feel confident and attractive

Why do you want to feel that way?

Because I want to go out with my wife again and rekindle our relationship.

Why is that important to you?

We have just been in a rut and I want her to be attracted to me again.

You get the idea...

Here are some examples of purpose-filled goals:

I want to love my husband well and invest in our marriage because I understand the importance of building a foundation and legacy for our family.

I want to put my phone down more and be present in my children's lives because I want them to know I value them and set a good example that family is more important than phones.

I want to prepare healthy meals and sit down to family dinners because I want to create an open and inviting family culture as my kids get older.

I want to make exercise a priority so that I can look and feel good, feel comfortable getting dressed up to go out with my spouse, and enjoy our relationship again.

I want to run my own business so that I have flexibility in my schedule to see my kids grow up and enough money to be able to give and serve others.

These are goals rooted in what matters most to someone.

Use the worksheets to write down your goals and define why they are important to you.

Research has proven that writing your thoughts and goals on paper is more effective than typing. It flips a switch in our brains, so to speak, and we begin to problem-solve and make decisions.

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